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Kinesiology and Bowen Therapy


Petra Reich, Bowen Therapist & Kinesiologist, Dip.

Growing up in Munich, Germany, I always dreamed of living abroad and I spent over three  years living in Canada before I moved to Australia.

It was during my time in Canada that I noticed that there was more to life than constructing a perfect resume for a hospitality career that did not feel fulfilling. I did however find fulfilment in many other things during this time, I discovered many of my strengths, my love for nature, healthy food, a healthier lifestyle and a nourishing beautiful environment.

Driven to make use of my regained freedom of choosing to learn and live what feels right to me I made a list of all the things I wanted to learn about and find a modality I could study that incorporated some of them.


Petra's story...

Looking back at this list now, after I have studied Kinesiology, I am always amazed that nearly all of these things play a role in how I use my skills. Prior to studying this modality I had never even received a Kinesiology treatment but I just felt that it was the right thing for me. I have now incorporated SMART Bowen Therapy into my Kinesiology treatments which reflects my interest in working with muscloskeletal issues and wholistic balancing through touch.

I can honestly say that after more than two years and many kinesiology and Bowen sessions and experiences later, it has helped me to stay true to my path and that it is an invaluable tool to relieve stress or pain and access your body’s innate wisdom, may it be to find your true self, support your self development, address physical, hormonal or nutritional issues or simply put any stress you experience in your life into a different light to help you overcome it and lead a happier, healthier life.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

  • Certificate IV in Kinesiology (ACCM)

  • Diploma in Kinesiology        (ACCM)

  • Diploma in SMART Bowen Therapy

  • Reiki Level 1 Attunement

  • Current Level 2, Apply First Aid Certificate (Senior First Aid)

  • Accredited Member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Private Health Funds for Health Rebates:

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  • Australian Unity    

  •  CBHS  

  •  HCF (includes Manchester Unity)  

  •  Credit Care

  •  AHM

  •  Teachers Federation


 Please inquire about other health funds

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My name is Petra

and my passion is bringing muscles back to balance.

Your body is designed to feel good, relaxed and aligned...





...The way our bodies and our muscles feel affects how we feel every day. When our muscles are aligned and balanced, old injuries are addressed and we feel connected to our bodies, life flows much easier. A Bowen Therapist is like the person who tunes your piano. Precision, fine tuning and gentleness create more resonance and a clearer vibration. All you need to do is play.


Often clients realise that their stress levels, their cluttered mind and anxiety affect how their bodies feel. This is where we work with your mind, new perspectives, awareness and techniques to balance your nervous system to clear old patterns and neural connections that no longer work for you. This creates stillness and balance in the mind to help you access your body’s complete and full awesomeness.

Whether we work remedial, balancing your muscles or we work by de-stressing your mind is up to you. But I can guarantee you that you will walk away from your session with more ease, clarity and feeling more balanced.