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What are types of treatments are available?

What happens during a session?


Muscle Pain and tension are ultimately a form of stress and stress has a major impact on our health. It can present itself in many forms and affect us in many different ways.


Our lifestyle, the food we eat, the environment we life in all play a role in how we feel every day.


But where do we begin if something doesn’t feel right?

When we seek out conventional medicine, we receive drugs and treatments that are applied to the symptoms of our health concerns.


But what if the problem keeps reoccurring or just won’t heal and what about those times when we just don't feel our best and nothing is wrong from a medical perspective?


Tree Green Qi - Muscle Therapy looks at the body from a wholistic perspective which means that there is a connection between our physical bodies, the mind and the spirit and the world around us. Therefore the body is being treated as a whole



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Therapy for your Muscles with Bowen Therapy & Kinesiology

Remedial Bowen treatment (Bowen Therapy only):


Benefits musculoskeletal issues, lymphatic health,  

acute or chronic pain or injuries.


This form of treatments suits people who would like to experience Bowen as a form of bodywork for pain relief, relaxation, detoxification and supporting good health.


Wholistic Bowen treatment incorporating Kinesiology:


Treatments help balance muscles and address pain or  

musculoskeletal issues as well as emotional issues or

chronic health concerns.


It includes a wholistic Bowen body balance and addresses stress working on the underlying causes of stress and imbalances


Every Session is tailored to each individul need, therefore no treatment is ever the same. Whilst you have the option to choose what type of treatment you would like, we can also assess what type of treatment will suit your needs at the beginning of the balance.


The client remains fully clothed but will have to take their shoes off.


During the initial treatment the practitioner takes a detailed history of the client including health, diet, lifestyle and any information regarding the presenting issue or goal.

After the initial intake the practitioner will begin with the assessments with the client lying on a massage table.


Bowen moves are a gentle way of rolling and stretching accross soft tissue, fascia and trigger points. When using Kinesiology the practitioner may use flower essences, acupressure, sound, aromatherapy or other vibrational medicine tools to find imbalances and clear stress.



Make sure you wear loose, light and comfortable clothing.

Duration of the treatment:

  • 30 to 60 minutes for a Remedial Treatment

  • 60 minutes for a Wholistic treatment and 90 minutes for the first session

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